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Welcome to INNOVISTA Technologies

We are an IT Service Provider specializing in niche Web Application Development, Mobile App development,
IT Outsourcing and Resource Augmentation. We are based out of Hyderabad, India.

Web development services

Custom Web Application Development

We create superior interfaces to help you make meaningful connections with your audience. Our designers craft elegant, innovative designs that enable your users to achieve their goals. We work with you to ensure your web application is a differentiator and an effective tool for your business and your audiences.

IOS services

Standard Frameworks & Templates

We leverage the agility and strength of open source technology to build stable and scalable solutions. Our knowledgeable web application development team are well-equipped to provide custom programming services that conforms to standard templates and guarantee code and website longevity.

IOS services

Top Quality Code

Because of our in-depth knowledge of the web application development business and experience spanning a decade and half, we have processes in place that ensure quality and time efficient processes of building customer web applications. Attention to detail in design and programming additionally saves time while ensuring that quality is never compromised.

Design services

Mobile Application Development

INNOVISTA has a team of highly skilled and versatile professionals with in-depth experience in the latest technologies in the Mobile Applications Development. We provide a range of mobile app development services: from Android, IOS, Windows to Hybrid App development.

IOS services

What we do?

We combine mobile technology with system/enterprise application and deliver the right value to the customers. Define your business needs and differentiate with latest mobile technologies to develop mobile applications. We are reaching our customers’ needs with focused mobility solutions to excel their requirements. Our mobile applications are accessed through mobile, tablet or smart phones. We develop customer friendly mobile applications to provide quick data processing

IOS services

Top Quality Services

Our mobile backend service offers you the capabilities you need to get to market fast, with the freedom and flexibility you expect. We can handle your enterprise CRM integration, consumer integration, push notifications, storage, security, mobile payments, GPS, and much more. If you need user management, seamless connections with APIs, cloud storage or integration with social networks – we’ve been there, done that, ready to do it again.

Web development services

Custom Resource-Augmentation

INNOVISTA provides Resource Augmentation services for mainstream and niche competencies across IT industry. We focus on providing clients with the correct fit for their resource requirements. We engage with the client at all levels to provide them with the exact match for their requirements within the committed time frame and budget.

IOS services

What we do?

Whether your staffing needs are temporary, permanent, or for a specific Project, partner with us and achieve a new level of success. We help you hire skilled and highly qualified IT professionals with requisite skill sets and expertise. We are flexible on the model of engagement as we understand that each client’s requirement is unique and needs to be treated accordingly. We have coverage across all the fields of Information Technology.

IOS services

What you get?

In today’s highly competitive IT marketplace, your company’s success relies heavily on finding the right employees for the job. With our years of hands-on experience in the technology and software development industry, we will provide you with pool of professionals with requisite skill sets and capabilities to choose from.

IOS services

The telecommunications industry is experiencing unprecedented changes – network transformation, new services, and innovative service bundling, emerging content-distribution business models. On an average 50% of the OSS-BSS environment changes in every 9 -12 months. Given this dynamic environment it is critical for Telcos to implement Revenue Assurance solution in a delivery model where the implications of the changes are owned by the solution provider.

iNoesis is an analytics based Revenue Assurance solution, developed using a collection of open-source distributed data-processing components for storing and processing structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data at truly high scale (as in tens or hundreds of terabytes of even petabytes).

iNoesis detects the symptoms of leakage, prevents incidents before they reach the customer bill, accelerates resolution times, and enables Revenue Assurance teams to align their successes with broader organizational goals - such as higher margins and customer satisfaction.

It also helps them address revenue assurance issues across multiple functional areas, such as service fulfillment, usage integrity, retail billing, interconnect/wholesale billing, and content settlement. This helps customers dramatically reduce the time required to implement or extend the coverage of their revenue assurance practices. Moreover, customers can easily reconfigure or remodel existing solution to accommodate changing business requirements.

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IOS services

Vehicle tracking systems are commonly used by fleet owners for fleet management functions such as fleet tracking and security of vehicle as well as driver. Other applications include monitoring driving behaviour, such as over speeding, driving through a wrong route, fuel theft etc.

Tracway is a Fleet/Asset management solution that provides real time view of the vehicle's location and enables efficient management of the vehicles on the fly.

Tracway uses gps tracking to provide fleet management solution to efficiently manage your fleet and to monitor driver activities to prevent any vehicle misuse. Our fleet management solutions can help decrease costs and improve the overall productivity of your business.

Track your mobile workforce using Tracway's GPS based tracking solution. Tracway enables you to track your mobile workforce movement in real time from web and smartphone.

Tracway also provides GPS based Heavy Equipments tracking system. Our equipment maintenance tracking software tracks the exact movement and engine hours of the heavy construction equipments. Get more from your heavy equipment fleet with our cost-effective analysis of the vehicle.

Tracway provides smartphone based as well as hardware solution to help companies manage their mobile workforce.

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IOS services

Next Generation Accounting software for your business.

Bookkeeping made easy. Track your income and expenses, pay bills, create invoices and statements on the fly

Balance Sheets, P&L and tax details at your finger tips

Endless possibilities to generate reports

Security levels, roles and workflow based approval system

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IOS services

The data from the field is very powerful and insights from the last mile bring in lot of context to data.

mSurvey Enables organizations to source data through mobile based surveys and provides extensive reporting through dashboards, KPIs, Classification and comparison.

Easily create interactive surveys in multiple languages.

Easy to use admin interface & Android based survey app

Flexible UI with multi layered apprach

Offline data collection & Multiple dashboards

Extensive insights with 3D graphs & KPIs

Drill down to any level through dashboards

Geographical heat maps

GIS Dashboards

Comparative dashboards to gain more insights

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IOS services

Extracting required data from PDF documents and export it into a database or excel files is tedious process and error prone at times. Especially when the number of PDF documents are high, it requires a special tool to configure and automate the entire process.

exigoPDF, a tool developed to extract required data from PDF documents in a systematic and automated manner. The process is simple and highly configurable to suit user requirements and easy to use.

exigoPDF converts any PDF, stores in a database and exports into excel files.

Users can define filters to include or exclude certain words in easy to use configuration screen.

Easily extract data from tables defined in PDF documents. Can process and extract data from 5000 PDF files in less than 15 minutes.

Very light-weight, stand alone application with browser based GUI. Configure once and process many PDF files based on same configuration.

Unprocessed PDF files moved to a different bucket from where configuration can be done and process again.

Requires very less system resources to process and extract data from multiple PDF documents.

Can run on regular desktop/laptop with basic configuration (Eg:2GB RAM, dual core processor).

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IOS services

Reconciliation is the process of comparing transactions/records originated from two different sources to identify potential discrepancies based on different parameters with or without tolerance limits. Reconciliation process is useful in detecting causes of descrepency and enabling prevention of revenue leakage and fraud.

Can run on regular desktop/laptop with basic configuration (Eg:2GB RAM, dual core processor).

Very light-weight, stand alone application with browser based GUI.

Easy to install/configure the application, takes just 5-10 minutes to install and configure.

Users can configure multiple dimensions and measures with tolerance and/or time offset.

Can generate different outputs like A-B, B-A, Matched, A-Duplicates, B-Duplicates, Invalid.

Can take multiple input formats like .txt, .csv, .xml and database connections.

Has different types of input data massaging like excluding prefix/suffix, Left/Right, substr etc.

Can filter input data based on certain conditions (Eg: consider only CDRs where call_type=MO).

Results can be exported to CSV/XLS/PDF format.

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Our mission

“To be a niche provider of IT Outsourcing services, Big Data Analytics & Reconciliation solutions and help our customers, in creating lean IT environments to reduce costs and increase business agility, by utilizing our expertize in Technology Consulting, Systems Implementation and IT Application Outsourcing Services with specific focus on high performance business solutions.”

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We are good at ...

We make use of various languages and modern libraries for Web/Software development which includes well renowned open source software

  • Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate
  • PHP, YII Framework, Zend Framework
  • HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery, Angular JS, NodeJS
  • WordPress, Bootstrap, Magento

Our Clients


A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul.


Director & CEO

Ravindra is a proficient technocrat & entrepreneur with an eye for market needs, and an ability to bring teams together to create cost-effective solutions that address those needs. Ravindra brings more than 20 years of cutting edge IT experience in Telecommunications, Defence R&D and Manufacturing domains to his role as CEO.


A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul.


Head - IT & Cloud Practice

CH V Srinivas rao is a seasoned IT Systems & Network Architect and has over 20+ years of rich industry experience, and has worked in both high-technology and specialized domains. He has managed small-sized to large-sized accounts with specific focus on developing customer-centric technological applications and delivery execution.


A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul.


Director & CTO

M Srinivasa rao leads our team of technology and delivery experts in delivering integrated business solutions to our global client base. MSR brings more than 25 years of extensive software product development lifecycle experience, working closely with Global IT teams from ideation and design through development and support.

Innovista Team

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that’s what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

Innovista Team

Get ready to face our work

Innovista teamis young & dynamic and excel in developing quality software solutions in cost-effective way, which help our clients to enhance business performance, increase productivity, improve customer service, reduce operational costs and improve overall efficiency.

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